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how to add AP on Teamed Controller

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how to add AP on Teamed Controller

hi everyone 


how can i add AP on controller either automatically or dynamically , i have 2x MSM775 controller and hp 425 AP, now how can i add them to contoller because the controller is no longer DHCP. do i need additional DHCP to give ip address to AP.



Re: how to add AP on Teamed Controller



You definitely need the AP to get the IP-address to join the controller. So, there are a couple of ways - first, the most simple if you've got one AP - manual - reset the AP to deafults, connect to it and provision it's IP-address and controller IP-address. You should provision the real IP-addresses of each controller, not the virtual one, btw.

Another option is to set up DHCP-server - if the AP and controller are in the same L2 network, you'll only need an IP address, because the AP will be discovered using broadcast. However, if you have your controller deployed through L3 boundary, you need the AP to send packets to the controller, so it needs to learn it's IP address somehow. There is an option 43 in DHCP which you should set to your controllers' IP-addresses and AP should get discovered.

Also there is a way to manage discovery through DHCP+DNS, when you provide the AP with the IP-address and DNS-server address, and it tries resolving the built-in contoller names (colubris1/colubris2 or something like that, google it) and, obviously, this names should be present on your DNS.