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Hello!! just get donation three PA HP -425 AND A CONTROLLER MSM720 , have never set up a team of these and I would like that I support in the most optimal basic configuration , taking into account that the AP will be located in spaced apart and offices within a staff of 150 sq mtrs, topology installed network is star and function of each AP will provide DHCP WIFI service internet browsing to certain guests, each will have a different iP static and belong to a segment of specific network with its common GATEWAY and DNS .

If possible I ask you a step by step because my knowledge on this subject is very limited network , expecting a prompt response and thanking the community I leave ..



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You'll find a wonderful manual matching your software version here - there are also "wizards" built into the software (try and get it updated to the latest version) to take you step by step through a standard "corporate" (passphrase secured) and "Guest" Wireless network setup.

Build your "Virtual Service Communities" i.e. your wireless networks and the corresponding authentication that goes with them using the aforementioned wizards.

Reset the AP's (google how to reset MSM - you'll need a paperclip) - this will put them in "managed" rather than "autonomous" mode - discover them with the controller - you'll need to be on same subnet or use DHCP or DNS tricks.

Discover the AP's on the network (you have PoE switches right?) - move the AP's into the AP Groups associated with the VSC's that you have created.

Job done. Happy days.

Its a loose set of instructions but should give you some search terms to help you along.

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