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logon page for WiFi users

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logon page for WiFi users

Hi all,

I have a MSM 710 Wireless controller with me and i have to setup a captive portal( logon page) kind of page for the users.

I looked everywhere of the settings in GUI of the controller cannot find it . But HP refers it is a built in feature of MSM710 Controllers.

Can anyone please help me find this in the device and any manual to help me find this.


Many Thanks

Kell van Daal
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Re: logon page for WiFi users

The first part is enabling the captive portal on the VSC. It is called "HTML-based user logins" in the VSC profile.

Note that the section doesn't show up unless you have "use controller for: Authentication and Access Control" checked.


 A lot of the configuration is done under "Controller -> Public Access".


For details, you can reference the user manual : HP MSM7xx MGT and Cfg guide and particularly chapter 14.


Re: logon page for WiFi users

Hi, did you get any further with this? I am also trying to set up a VSC with HTML authentication for the staff to access our network however the login page doesn't seem to work and users seem to be allowed to just connect to the network regardless of authentication.