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meshing issues 2 slaves


meshing issues 2 slaves

Hello all


We have a msm760 controller and on a certain section of our site we wantto setup mesh links.


After much knashing of teach we managed to get 1 master and 1 slave to successfully mesh and reamin stable.



The issue now is..


as soon as we add a 2nd slave, when it tries to connect it knocks the 1st slave off. When we disconnect the 2nd slave the 1st comes back.


Alternatively if we disconnect the 1st slave then the 2nd slave joins without issue. 


So for some reason it will only have 1 slave on at a time.


Any suggestions or thoughts please reply don't be shy.


thanks in advance


Re: meshing issues 2 slaves

to get some thoughts/replies going


could it be that the AP's are too close together?


instead of dynamic setup would static be better to force the links to stay up?


when in close proximity does 1 of the devices have to be an alternative master?


could it be a routing issue on the controller or local switch?


any ideas?

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Re: meshing issues 2 slaves

Are those autonomous APs or Controller ? and which firmware is running ? Antennas ? Power and Channel ? which Radio are you using ?