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msm 760 access controller

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msm 760 access controller



I have a problem of msm760 controller problem. Because of the WLAN network, that I am responsible to design it, is crowded I need to implement multiple vlan per ssid infrastructure model. I ve managed do this during configuring on different' access controller belongs different vendors. But I didn't figure out it clearly how to mange this via msm760 controller. I have software version of "" on the procurve controller. 


On the other hand I think this can be managed via msm760 mobility controller. But I wonder what would be going on if I install a mobility controller software on the access controller:? Can this be a way to accomplish this issue?


Any answer will be appreciated. Thank u in advance.



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Re: msm 760 access controller

ohhh i was thinking there is someone here understand wireless... i dont think so at all !!!!