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msm ap's over meraki mx vpn

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msm ap's over meraki mx vpn

we have 2 remote locations that are connected back to main by meraki mx60 site to site vpn's... main location has msm 765 controller.. we are trying to put ap's at remote locations and have them discovered and synched with the msm controller and all wireless traffice tunnelled back to controller.. the remote lans can ping msm and msm can ping remote lans... remote lans resolve dns for the correct information for controller also.. but no discovery is taking place.. has anyone had experience with meraki vpn and msm ap's... i'm thinking the caveat may be that the main office meraki is behind cisco firewall.. any help out there??

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Re: msm ap's over meraki mx vpn

For discovery to work , make sure the udp 38212 / tcp 1194 is allowed through the firewall.  Port 38212 is used for AP/Controller discovery and 1194 for open vpn tunnel communicaiton.