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msm710 and AP410 WiFi Problems

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msm710 and AP410 WiFi Problems

Hi all!

I have some problems with my wireless network:
Current problems with WiFi network:
1) Some users can’t connect to access point
2) Sometimes, after connection to AP user can’t get access to local resources (can’t obtain IP config from DHCP server)
3) Low speed (about 100kbps at 802.11g)
4) No roaming between access points at layer 2. User wait for reconnection when migrating from one AP to another
5) Not even distribution of users between access points. Some users connect to AP that is further, then the nearest one (even if the nearest is less loaded).

In attachment there is current topology. on the controller i configured minimum parametrs(preshared key, Ip address etc...).
I already tried 3 different firmware’s.
Have someone similar problems?
Can wired network cause this sort of problems in wireless network?

Thnk You!

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Re: msm710 and AP410 WiFi Problems

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