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msm760 msm430 waiting for acceptance

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msm760 msm430 waiting for acceptance



we have a msm 760 controler and msm 430 APs. Some of the APs wont't connect to the controler anymore. I already did a factory Reset on the APs and connected them directly to the 760 as a test. The APs where connected to the controler some time ago. They keep in a loop saying "waiting for acceptance".

To solve the Problem, iI did a firmware upgrade on the controler to version But i can't manually update the APs who don't whant to connect, because they are too old so i can't download the firmware for free anymore. So i can't tell, if the firmware is responsible for the Problem. But all connected APs got their firmware update from the controler and work fine.


I am going crazy...


Hopefully someone can help me


Best regards,