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msm765 controller

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msm765 controller

after had some probems with 765 controlller just reset. want to logging to controller via switch and assing a ip address to lan interface. I couldnt success to assign an ip adress.. Whats wrong do i ?,

services a 2



interface ip lan

ip address


1- how can i save this and reach to web conf. page via browser.


SW-BB(msm765-application-A)# show ip
Interface          IP Address       Subnet Mask        MTU      MAC Address
----------------- ---------------  ---------------  --------  ------------------
Data tunnel              1436   3C:D9:2B:AE:47:7D
LAN port              1500   3C:D9:2B:AE:47:7D
Internet port              1500   3C:D9:2B:AE:47:7C
Bridge          1500   3C:D9:2B:AE:47:7D
Controller data >              1500   3C:D9:2B:AE:47:7D
VLAN vs on Inter>              1500   3C:D9:2B:AE:47:7C
VLAN vs on LAN p>              1500   3C:D9:2B:AE:47:7D

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Re: msm765 controller

CLI(config-if-ip)# end

CLI(config)# end

CLI# quit

cenk sasmaztin
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Re: msm765 controller

post solved ;)


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Re: msm765 controller

Hi all,


I am after some help get on how to configure Guest users account over internet port. My Scenario involves a cooperate network with several subnets/vlans configured. 

I am using a msm 765 on a 5412zl. My internet Port is E1 and is untagged on vlan 1000(ip The problem am experiencing is that when i assign my internet port a a static ip and assign a my internet port as my D'Gateway in can't still my controller to NAT my clients ip and forward their request to the firewall.


I Also having problems with clients acquiring dhcp address from the controller despite enabling dhcp server on Guest VSC and assigning relevant ip.


I have enabled client tunneling, authentication and accesscontrol on the vsc and also HTML based login.


I am happy to provide further information to facilitate further help.

Thank you.