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multiple MSM710 on same network

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multiple MSM710 on same network

HP seems a bit puzzled regarding my attempts to deploy 2 msm710s on the same network, and refers to this as "not a problem of theirs" when i asked them how to do it ( since there is no option for teaming the units).


On the other hand, there seems to be others who has done this, or at least say its possible, so how should this be done? I cant find ANY documentation regarding this anywhere.


Very thankful for any hints



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Re: multiple MSM710 on same network

Im not sure what the issues would be? What problems are you seeing?

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Re: multiple MSM710 on same network

The first msm-710 AC is full. After adding a second AC, and then add more AP´s to the network, they only go to the first AC, with the same error ( max 10 AP´s per AC...)

I need the new AP´s to discover the other AC.


what would be the default procedure to get 2 of these to run on one network? Is it down to provisioning?


Thanks for the reply!



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Re: multiple MSM710 on same network

You can set AP Discovery priority on the MSM controllers: Go to Management -> Device Discovery and modify the discovery priority of the 2nd controller in order to avoid priority conflits from your APs.


After that, you can either provision at the AP (individually) the Provisionning -> Discovery  -> Discover using IP Address and put the IP of your 2nd MSM controller or use DNS if you want and have the DNS configured accordingly.


You can also provision at the controller by going to the Group level (or individual AP) and go to Provisionning -> Discovery and do the same steps as above. You AP needs to already be discovered and synched in order to provision at the controller level; you can then send the already sycnhed APs to your 2nd controller like that.


good luck