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Re: setting up IDS on a msm760


setting up IDS on a msm760

Hello All


We have recently enabled IDS on our msm760 controllers and since we have been innundated with honeypots and twins of evil. Although a source of great amusement it is difficult to pick out in genuine fault messages in all the crap.


I have been informed that this is probably just IDS picking up our own ap's and they should be excluded creating some sort of whitelist.


Can anyone point me in the right direct on how to do this as yet again I can't seem to find any reference to it in the HP documentation.


Thanks in advance

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Re: setting up IDS on a msm760


I agree the EvilTwin/Honeypot detection looks a little big buggy to me.

I have seen EvilTwin alert for AP broadcasting SSID not in use by my controlled-APs, the IDS subsystem should not alert EvilTwin on "external" AP that does not try to Honeypot the legit APs known by the Controller, it is not a threat per se.

The EvilTwin detection sometime preceded the RogueAP alert if the AP in question is on the same wire network as the controlledAP.



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Re: setting up IDS on a msm760

If you have APs on your network that are not controlled by the MSM controller, and you have IPS enabled with a network detector, those uncontrolled APs should be reported by IPS. If the SSID is the same as any controlled SSID, you get the honeypot/evil twin message.


You can manually authorise those APs if they are legitimate. See attachment for an example of an external AP and two manually authorised AP.