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signal SSID appears and diappears

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signal SSID appears and diappears

Hello there,


we have  the controler E-MSM 720 (J9694A) firmware a 3x AP MSM466, 3x AP MSM460. All  APs have 3x SSID.

I use  wifi analyzer.I found out that the signal appears ,but after 3-5 sec it disappears and then it appears again.

This situation happens randomly.


For exampl: 2xSSID of them functions and 1xSSID doesn´t.Signals SSID not stable.

I tried upload a new firware but the controler hacks sometimes.

Because of this probleme, there  is long response beetwenn AP and wifi client. 


Thank you for the advice.




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Re: signal SSID appears and diappears

On the SSID(s) showing that behavior, is "Band Steering" enabled?  If so, that's expected behavior in tools like inSSIDer and other apps.

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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

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Re: signal SSID appears and diappears



we just try to check the band steering parameter, but unfortunetelly no visible changes. The signal is still unstable. It is really strange, other supplier's APs  (D-link, TP-link) are stable on the same analyzer.

Somtimes happens that clients are disconnected from AP's for many seconds (10-20sec). All HP AP's have same behavior.

There is not so big traffic, maximally 20 users only for the whole network - still testing only. 

What about firmware?


Many thanks for any real help in advance....


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Re: signal SSID appears and diappears



How many VSC did you configure total? not just the one that is enable.


If you have a wireless trace of the AP where you experience the on/off SSID, that would be very useful, you can use our AP to sniff, you only need to configure an AP near the one you see the problem in monitor mode and start a capture.


The wireless trace would help alot to troubleshoot this problem.


If you have a linux laptop with an intel or atheros wifi card, I can give you the instruction to capture the trace.

If you have Windows, you can capture too, you need to install the Netmonitor, I would only use Windows as last resource.