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simple wifi MSM760 with 30 MSM430 AP, two ssid

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simple wifi MSM760 with 30 MSM430 AP, two ssid


I have, as I thought, a simple project - to setup wifi MSM760 AC and 30xMSM430 AP.
There must be two SSID: private and guests.

1. All of my current network equipment managed through VLAN100, so HP AC and APs must be managed through there.
2. Internal network (SSID private) must be VLAN101.
3. Guest SSID - VLAN102 plan.
I have 3 DHCP servers on my internet router (one for each VLAN, gateway - my router).
NAT service is configured on my internet router.
SSID PRIVATE must be authenticated through WPA2 and pre-shared key. With this SSID configuration ok, configured and running.
SSID GUESTS must be authenticated through MSM760 HTML-based user logins (local user). Doesn't work. User do not even get an IP address.

Please help!

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Re: simple wifi MSM760 with 30 MSM430 AP, two ssid

Go to http://tinyurl.com/pb257k4 and download Implementation guide for 5.4. Check out the solution overviews, that's about 20 pages all in all. the rest of the >1200 page epic is detailed configuration instructions, for both MSM and LAN devices. 


Just from the top of my head I believe solution 2 or 3 would approximately fit the bill. If you're running a recent FW version, you can also create this kind of configuration using the Automated workflow.


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