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teaming ( MSM765zl x3 ) and MSM317 Configuration

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teaming ( MSM765zl x3 ) and MSM317 Configuration

Hi Team,


Let me explain the issue that i have to configure this guys.


1) I Need that all 3 controllers (200 ap licences each one) controll 509 MSM317 antenas, for this i need that the managment data goes through one specific vlan (from now vlan MNGT)


2) I also need that the SSID goes by another vlan (From now vlan WIFI)


3) And also need that the vlans on the ports of the MSM317 goes from a 3rd vlan (from now vlan CABLE)

I reach only to configure the vlans passing thruth the ports (point 3)

Going to the AP =>  Configuration => Switch Port => disabling "Inherited" and configuring the vlans CABLE like "uplink tagging" (vlans CABLE are reaching tagged on the antena uplink)

My problem its to configure the VSC to work via the vlan WIFI (that its tagged as the same that vlan CABLE), seems not working, or SSID its being passing through vlan MNGT (still can´t confirm this)

NOTE: vlans on Antena are arriving like this

MNGT    => untagged
WIFI       => tagged

CABLE  => tagged

how VSC must be configurated to work?

thanks for the help!


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Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: teaming ( MSM765zl x3 ) and MSM317 Configuration

You will need to configure the VSC and uncheck the "Use controller for access controll", also when assigning the VSC to a AP group you add it to the appropriate egress vlan in the VSC mappning.

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