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unable to connect 3com 8760

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unable to connect 3com 8760


I had a problem to configured a 3com access point.

1. I am unable to update the firware. After the setting, when I connected the router to our network, the LAN and 11B/G leds keep flashing continiousley.  we cannot ping it, and no computer can aconnect via wireless.

Error message: "windows cannot find certificate".

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Re: unable to connect 3com 8760


This question is in the wrong section, the 8760 is an access point and not a wirelss eouter.

However, your message suggestes that Windows needs to authenticate accross the link, so sounds liek your 802.1x is wrongly set on the AP.

Not much we can help you with without having your network layout and IPs.

Certifications are provided by a server on your LAN or WLAN, your best option is to compare the settings with another AP on your site.

Hope this helps.

The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....