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v6.0 Software


v6.0 Software

Has anyone tried this?


Does anyone have any links to information as to what it includes - changes?

As usual HP is making it difficult to find information.


Why does HP not like us?  What have we done wrong?


Thanks to the forum people for providing support for HP wireless products!

Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: v6.0 Software

Why don't you read the release notes? It states whats new and bugfixes etc.

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Glen Willms
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Re: v6.0 Software

Here is the summary of the improvements. I am very pleased at what I saw in the release notes. Who is going to test this upgrade for us?


What's new

New MSM Controller Firmware v6.0 provides:

  • Advanced radio resource management - automatic radio power and channel adjustment
  • Intelligent client load balancing
  • Airtime fairness
  • Integrated IDS and flexible configuration ( requires premium mobility controller)
  • New voice and video workflow
  • Support for MAC Address Ranges or Wildcards
  • Addition of unique ID to wireless clients table
  • Enhanced AP survivability

More details can be found here -> Manuals though given that this is HP's website this link will be broken within a few days. 


Re: v6.0 Software

Found the release notes! No sign of them on the download page.

Here is the URL if others' could use it;

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Re: v6.0 Software

so has anyone tried this yet?

I can't access the download because the hp website says my product is out of warranty - but it's not.



Davy Priem
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Re: v6.0 Software

The software is not quite stable yet, so you d'better wait until it's no early available software anymore.

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Re: v6.0 Software

Hi ismgr


Do you have SW contract for the controller?


If yes, don't try to download from My Networking portal. Instead go to http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c02665350 for instructions. The page contains a link to Software Support online -portal which you use for devices under SW contract. Using wrong portal is the most common reason why FW download fails with this error.


As was mentioned FW 6.0 is currently under Early Availability state. EA releases are intended for testing out new features before deploying to production network. Using it in a production network should be done with caution, as all issues which are fixed in 5.7.2 and above are at the moment known issues with 6.0.


If you currently have a stable wireless, don't go to 6.0. If your current isn't working properly, call support and we'll see what we can do about it.


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Davy Priem
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Re: v6.0 Software

Firmware v.6.0.1 is now available and includes the 5.7.02 and fixes. Seems to be stable.