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Re: wireless ADSl router urgent case

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wireless ADSl router urgent case

I'd like to ask about a problem with my wireless network.

the topology consists of :

1-Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway and its info is :

3C number    3CRWDR101A-75

Software version    1.00.00 (USA) (Apr 21 2006 19:10:53)

Boot loader version    0.70.1

Wireless version    N.A.

ADSL modem version

Hardware version    01

Serial number    YAVD6UEBDCE6B

2- 4 linksys APs connected to the router via UTP cables using a 3com

unmanaged switch

3- I have configured the router and APs channels to channels 1,6,11,1 by

order and all of them broadcast the same SSID.

My problem is that the clients connected to each AP lose internet

connectivity every sometime and the  connectivity come back after 10


My questions are :

1-Is there a limit for number of APs connected to the router ?

2-does using an unmanaged switch to connect between the router and the

APs could make troubles ?

3-should we use unified channel configuration ie. channel 11 . taking

into consideration that i used channel 1,6,11 to avoid harmful overlap ? 




Re: wireless ADSl router urgent case


as you'll see at:


the firmware of your 3COM Gateway is really outdated. I think the first thing to do is to update it (note: you'll have to reset the device, read carefully the documentation coming with the update). Then see if the problem still persist, and if yes, try to insulate WHERE it occurs (for example, can clients still ping the gateway when they lose Internet connectivity?)

1) theoretically no; if the APs and client PCs acquire its IP via DHCP (clients), the limits are posed by the settings in the DHCP server section of the Gateway (how many IPs are distributed...)

2) the switch is transparent for the network (your is unmanaged, but a managed one is transparent,. too), since it works at a different OSI layer

3) Right to use different channels to avoid overlapping. But have in mind there's another way to extend the wireless coverage, named WDS (Wireless Distribution System)




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Re: wireless ADSl router urgent case

Always Always Always update to the latest firmware before researching problems

Now, Wireless has 32 clients limits, not that it's woth conencting that many anyway of a 54Mbps link !!!

MAke sure you run a Site survey to see how far your APs must be from each other, do not have 2 ( same) SSIDs on the same channel being possible to reach from the same Client.

Try to stop the Wireless on the router, 3 APS should be enough to handle your Network and it's always best to use the Same manufacturer and APs when doing Wireless Distributions.

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The Tech Man Has Spoken....