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1510i - Supports MPIO Load Balancing?

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1510i - Supports MPIO Load Balancing?

What are my options as far maximizing throughput on a 1510i?

It seems like the MPIO only supports Active/Passive. Does that mean in a dual controller/ethernet module config the max. bandwidth I can push through this is 2Gb/s?

Are there plans to support load balancing so I can get 4Gb/s? ANy help/suggestions appreciated...

Thanks, TJ

Re: 1510i - Supports MPIO Load Balancing?

Load Balance your targets across the two ports. In the Active/Passive case you are limited to 2Gb/s as only one controller can run I/O and the other is only serving a backup purpose. Future releases should be able to handle Active/Active and expand it to 4Gb/s.