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2 simultanous disk failures?

Brendan Collins_1
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2 simultanous disk failures?

2 simultanous disk failures in a MSA1000 SAN RAID set occurred recently. When the disks were reset they no longer indicated any failure. Would this indicate a problem with the RAID controller ?
Steven Clementi
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Re: 2 simultanous disk failures?


It does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem with the controller and/or the drive. If you had just 1 failure indicator, I probably would not be too worried about it as I have seen disks complain about being bad when they are not really bad.

Having 2 fail at the same time is a different story and I would be more cautious in that situation. Cautious enough to maybe give HP Support a call to see if there was anything you can do to check logs or run a program that checks out the controllers/backplane of the MSA shelf.

If there is a problem, it might just be a signaling issue with the backplace. I have seen several bad backplanes in the past 5 years where... everyting works just fine, except for one slot that always drop a drive into a failed state every now and then for no reason.

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