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2x MSA2312fc, 3x Proliant DL380G5, Vmware ESX

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2x MSA2312fc, 3x Proliant DL380G5, Vmware ESX


i've boght the following config (please view attachment):
Two MSA2312fc are connected via SAN-Switches with two Proliant DL380 running VMWare ESX. In Order to use High Availability Function from ESX i've to replicate the storages. HP-Support for MSA named me three possibilities:

1. HP Storage Mirroring Software:

I did not find a valid configuration to use the high availability functions of ESX, the Software is able to copy a VM to another ESX and start the VM, but there is no automatic fallback possible (if it is please tell me how)

2. Windows Server 2003 Dynamic Discs with a RAID-1

I should configure a RAID-1 above bothe Storages, so the SErver 2003 will copy the files. Is it possible to use the high-availabiltiy-function?

3. VMWare-Server-Mirroring

HP-Support told me that VMWare can replicate the Storages, the supporter wanted to call back within 30 minutes but he did not. Can you tell me more about this function?

Thanks for your help!
Rick Mancinelli
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Re: 2x MSA2312fc, 3x Proliant DL380G5, Vmware ESX

Did you ever find an answer to this?

Also, HP Support Advised me very emphatically that the MSA23xx series does NOT support Windows Server 2003 Dynamic Disks!