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4/8 SAN switch (Storage Works) Consol connection issue

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4/8 SAN switch (Storage Works) Consol connection issue

I have 4/8 SAN switch (Storage Works)which is up and running fine. However, I need to recover the Admin Password, and in order to do so, I need to connect my laptop to the SAN switch and reboot the switch.
I connected the my laptop to the SAN switch (consol connection and consol cable), there as nothing AT ALL within my Hyper Terminal. any Idea if there is specific setting that I need to folow.... Please let me know.


Re: 4/8 SAN switch (Storage Works) Consol connection issue

Check baud rate and settings. It's fixed at 9600:

The serial port is used for initial IP address configuration
and for recovery of the switch to its factory default settings should Flash memory
contents be lost. The serial port connection is not intended for performance of normal
administration/maintenance functions. Customer or field personnel accessible functions
are limited to connecting a terminal to the port to re-initialize the switch defaults, which
will restore the switch to its factory configuration. This will be required to restore the
switch passwords to a known state and to allow users to set a specific switch IP address.
To protect the serial port from dust and electrostatic discharge (ESD), keep the cover
in place on the serial port when the port is not in use.
The serial port can connect to a workstation to configure the switch IP address without
connecting to the fabric. The serial portâ s parameters are fixed at 9,600 baud, 8 data
bits, and no parity, with flow control set to None.
The port requires a straight serial cable with a female 9-pin subminiature-D connector.
Only pins 2, 3, and 5 are supported.

Pin Signal Description
1 Not supported Not supported
2 RxData Receive data
3 TxData Transmit data
4 Not supported Not supported
5 GND Logic ground
6 Not supported Not supported
7 Not supported Not supported
8 Not supported Not supported
9 Not supported Not supported
A 3.0 m (10 ft) serial cable is provided with the switch. It can be converted from a DB-9
serial cable to an RJ-45 serial cable by removing the adapter on the end of the cable.
To remove the adapter from the end of the DB-9 serial cable:
1. Ensure that the cable and both screws have been disengaged.
2. Pull the adapter straight out, without moving it from side to side, to loosen the
seating of the connector. If you move the adapter side to side, you might damage it.
When removing the DB-9 male connector from the DTE port, do not use excessive
force or the DB-9 connector will split into two parts easily to prevent damage to the
switchâ s DTE port.

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