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A3308 (FC 4/2 MUX) Question

Scott Ruffner_1
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A3308 (FC 4/2 MUX) Question

I'm trying to use an A2208 MUX with a Quantum DLT2700 library and Windows 2k. I've got a Qlogic 22xx series card in the 2k server, and the loop comes up without any problems. The LTT tools are able to identify the A3308 correctly, but I am unable to get to the Quantum drive on the other side. The quantum drive isn't listed explicitly in the supported hardware list for the LTT tools - has anybody successfully used a non-HP drive with this MUX? Is it possible to get a LUN mapping for SCSI target IDs for devices connected to the SCSI bus?


Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: A3308 (FC 4/2 MUX) Question

first of all check with mux control panel if it sees drive on its SCSI bus. Check if bus is properly terminated.
Although this device is not supported by LTT it should be detected by the program and placed to 'other devices' list.
I remember somebody told me that A3308 is not supported under w2k, but muxes 2/1 and 4/1 are supported.
In addition, try to play with FC card BIOS/driver settings. Do not forget that A3308 only works in fc-al (no fabric)