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Re: A6685A HBA on an XP256

Ron Brochu
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A6685A HBA on an XP256

Is it possible to use an A6685A HBA to connect to multiple storage arrays from different vendors? We are currently using this HBA to access storage on a different subsystem, and now we want to use the same HBA to access LUNs on the XP256. The XP256 device is logged into the fabric, however, the host never sees the new devices.

We previously used A3404A HBA's to connect directly to the XP256 from this same host, but that HBA has been removed.
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Re: A6685A HBA on an XP256

These following are the supported HBAs for XP256 devices on Hp_UX os.Please find the details as attachment.
Secondly, if the host does not see the luns then please verify with the port connectivity, topology,host mode, lun security etc.