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Re: A6795A tachyon XL2

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A6795A tachyon XL2

Q1 A6795A currently installed but not connected, displays "Topology is Unkown" in stm. When connected needs to be in Arbitrated Loop, is there a setting to alter Topology or is this Automatic?
Q2 Already answered as to whether the speed can be locked to 1 or 2 Gbps? - as it is Autosense speed depends on connection at other end.
Zeev Schultz
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Re: A6795A tachyon XL2

Q1 & Q2 - its up to Brocade (or else vendor)
switch settings.a6795a itself supports autosensing (sets its speed 1gbit or 2gbit).It can't be locked.More details on vendor's (Brocade?) site for specific switch settings.

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Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: A6795A tachyon XL2

It's fully automatic, topology and speed are determined by the card and driver themselves, there're no any switches/software to lock them.
If you use switch you can lock switch's port into quickloop (thus FC card will be working in provate loop) and if you have 2GB/s switch lock ort in 1GB/s mode (instead of 2GB/s or auto-negotiation).
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