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ACU for Linux on VMWare 2.1.1?
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ACU for Linux on VMWare 2.1.1?


We have VMware 2.1.1 running in a SAN environment. The storage is an MSA1000. In order to manage the MSA we need to run the Array Configuration Utility. Only problem is we need to run this from the VMWare Linux console. I have downloaded the latest ACU for Linux: cpqacuxe-7.16-2.linux.i386.rpm. In the readme it talks about OS support of Redhat and Suse, does anyone know about support for the VMWare Linux Kernel and if the ACU will be stable running on VMWare 2.1.1?
John Kufrovich
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Re: ACU for Linux on VMWare 2.1.1?

Unfortunately, not in the forseeable future.

This leaves you with 3 options.
1. Windows or RH,Suse Linux box in your san.
2. CLI
3. The MSA support CD. Boots to Linux with ACU.