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About license P2000 FC and replication.

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About license P2000 FC and replication.

Hello, The first question : Where can i take the activation file of the basic license on the P2000 FC G3? and when we want to generate a temporary licence the system anwer that the controllers are not responding. The second question : How can i implement a HP replication solution between 2 arrays P2000 FC G3? in the array we have not a iSCSI ports .. we have to buy a FCIP? and connect on port from each controller to the FCIP? if yes we will have only one link for each controller to connect to hosts over FC Switch. Thx


Re: About license P2000 FC and replication.

Please refer the SMU guide to get the idea of implementing remote-snap for P2000 G3 FC array,


Also refer the user guide,


In order to troubleshoot the controller not responding, can you please attach the MSA logs (store.logs) here.

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