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Re: Access same LUN on 2 servers (MSA1000)

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Access same LUN on 2 servers (MSA1000)

I have 2 nodes running on Win2K, both connected to MSA1000. Here is what i've done so far:
1. Create a logical drive in MSA with RAID6
2. Using disk manager to create basic volume on 1 node (assign as D drive for example)
2. Repeat the same step as above for the other node.
3. Now, how do i create redundant paths to LUN. E.g. 1 node down, i still be able to access same data using the other node.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Access same LUN on 2 servers (MSA1000)

Concurrent access to a single NTFS volume is NOT possible with plain Windows - using clusters or not.

You do need additional third-party software like PolyServer or Veritas cluster (or whatever it is called today).
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Re: Access same LUN on 2 servers (MSA1000)

Hi Uwe,
Another question, if 2 nodes on cluster sharing same LUN (assume Active/Active mode), is there any conflict?
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Re: Access same LUN on 2 servers (MSA1000)

Isn't this what SSP is for?

Create Logical drive in ACU, enable SSP and select an hba from each side, give them friendly names, tick to access the logical drive.
Go to 2nd server, scan for disks, finish.

Its my first MSA, but this got me up to 2 servers sharing one logical volume, am I going to have problems?

This doesn't address the redundant path question (multipath support) but the answer above suggested you can't have shared storage - I thought that was the main reason for having a SAN...
Brian Hunemuller
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Re: Access same LUN on 2 servers (MSA1000)

Two Windows servers accessing the same LUN will corrupt that volume, as both servers try to write their signature to the disk. There are cluster applications like those mentioned previously (and Oracle RAC) that have a built-in queuing utility.