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Adding a D2700 to a P2000 G3

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Adding a D2700 to a P2000 G3



We have a P2000 G3 with two shelves, all SAS. We have ordered two more D2700 shelves and they will be cabled in with SAS cables, as before.


The only thing I can't seem to find out for definite is how the shelf numbers are assigned. Each shelf is assigned a number, displayed on the controller, there seems no way to assign it, does this have to be done manually or is the SAN smart enough to sort this or is it done when teh shelf is poweredon and aconnected, through the web interface?


We have discovered the whole system must be powered down to add shelves, but again, no confirmation in writing, just information in forums.


Also, the VDisks are vertically striped and an HP technician is really bad mouthing this design to my customer (when I'm not around), so any thoughts on this horizontal or vertical striping?


Many thanks

Stefano Colombo
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Re: Adding a D2700 to a P2000 G3

Hello ,

The shelves are numbered automatically by the order in the chain.

The D2700 can be safely HOT-ADDED as specified in the "P2000 G3 System Installation Instructions"