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Adding an enclosure to EVA 4400 ONLINE

peter tsao
New Member

Adding an enclosure to EVA 4400 ONLINE

I have one enclosure attached to my newly installed EVA4400. I would like to add it online. The firmware version on my EVA is 09522000.

According to HP’s documentation, the enclosure can be added online to EVA 4400. Page 5 has complete instruction on how to do this correctly.

Is there any issues with upgrading online? I have heard you need to ensure that the enclosure has the same firmware level as the EVA in order for this to go smoothly.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding an enclosure to EVA 4400 ONLINE

The EVA _should upgrade the enclosure's firmware automatically if it does not match. Unfortunately it does not work reliably on the M6412 series enclosures.
Here you must check and if does not work, pull and re-seat the I/O modules one by one to trigger another upgrade attempt.

On the other hand - if this is a new enclosure, there is a good chance that it already has current firmware, because the last controller fixes were made 6+ months ago.