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Adding one more tape library


Adding one more tape library

Hi, currently there is a backup tape library connected to this Tru64 5.1B-4 system.

We need to add one more tape library to it.

In this system, the current backup tape is shown as below:
# MRU_ROBOT=/dev/changer/mc1
# export MRU_ROBOT
# robot show drives
DRIVE: 0 HG2976L3
DRIVE: 1 HG2937L3
# robot show slots
SLOT: 0 Empty
SLOT: 1 HG2977L3
SLOT: 2 HG2978L3
SLOT: 3 HG2979L3
SLOT: 4 HG2960L3
SLOT: 5 HG2970L3
SLOT: 6 HG2971L3
SLOT: 7 HG2972L3
SLOT: 8 HG2973L3
SLOT: 9 HG2974L3
SLOT: 10 HG2975L3

When installing a another backup tape library to this existing Tru64 system, will its device appeared as /dev/changer/mc2 ?
Do I need to manually configure some other setup for the new tape library when it is arrived?