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Adding server to MSA1000

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Tom Hauck
New Member

Adding server to MSA1000

Forgive my ignorance.
I currently use MSA1000 connected to our w2k AdvSvr Oracle database cluster using secure path.
Here is a list of components:
-MSA1000 with 256MB cache
-Additional MSA1000 controller with 256MB
-2 x MSA Fabric switch 6
-4 x FCA2101 Fibre host adapter (2 in each node)
-secure path v4.0 workgroup edition.

I have 7 open hard drive 'slots'. I'd like to use those 'slots' for another server.

Here are the question:
1) Will adding a new server to use the MSA1000 effect the performance of the Oracle cluster?
2) Will I need another license of secure path for the new server?
3) Will adding the new server require any downtime to Oracle cluster?
4) What are some recommended host adapters for the new server?
5) Are there any restrictions on the hard drives? speed, size, etc.

Thanks in advance!
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding server to MSA1000


here are some answers:
1) it might. The MSA1000 is an Active/Passive array, which means all I/Os go through one controller. It depends on how much I/O this other server will generate. Going from 2 to 3 servers should not have that much of an impact, if at all.
2) Yes. SecurePath is licensed on a per-server basis. It's just a paper license, so you don't need to enter any key when installing it, but you should buy one to keep the legal department happy.
3) No. You will probably need to setup zoning on the switches and definitely need to enable Selective Storage presentation on the MSA so that the new server does not see the LUNs from the Oracle Cluster, but that can be performed online. But I'm not so sure about the 6-port switches, you may have to check the user guide if they support zoning.
Zoning recommendation:
Oracle Cluster Zone: HBA from each Cluster node + MSA1000
New Server Zone: HBA from new server + MSA1000
That will need to be done on each switch.
4) FCA2214 should be OK. They are Qlogic based, whereas the FCA2101 are Emulex-based. But as it is a different server it should not have any effect.
5) Nope. Just use HP universl Hotplug SCSI drives. You can use the U320 disks, although they will only work with U160 speed in the MSA1000. 300GB is also OK, you just cannot create a logical drive (LUN) larger than 2TB.

Tom Hauck
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Re: Adding server to MSA1000


Thanks for the excellent response.

I am in your debt!