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Additional iSCSI DSM required for MSA2324i?


Additional iSCSI DSM required for MSA2324i?

Can anyone tell me the 'best practice' way to setup a Windows 2003 R2 cluster on this kit?

I have 2 x DL380 G6 servers, each has 2 x iSCSI NICs connected to seperate iSCSI switches. I have cabled iSCSI port 1 of each controller to switch1 and port 2 on each controller to switch2. I want to use MPIO to achieve the path failover, but can't find ANY documentation which explains how to acheive this.

I can find it for the MSA2012i and 2000sa series.

There is a document on the CD named 'HP StorageWorks MSA2000 Family MPIO DSM installation guide' which says go to but its not there...