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AiO1200 with SWSM

J Andrew Burns
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AiO1200 with SWSM

We have 3x AiO1200 servers, each with 2x MSA60 shelves on a P800 controller and total 36x 300GB SAS disks per server, these are used for iSCSI storage to VMware clusters with replication between locations.


In preparation for vSphere, two of the servers have recently been re-installed with Storage Server Service Release 1.5.1 and StorageWorks Storage Mirroring 5.2.1


The third server is still running Storage Server Service Release 1.4.3 and StorageWorks Storage Mirroring 5.0.2


On the upgraded servers we're now getting awindows event log entry from Automated Storage Manger about an incompatible  version of  StorageWorks Storage Mirroring, I can see the patch ASMPatchforSWSM_1.0.0.00.exe to fix the version of dtcom.dll, but that will only apply to ASM3.6 or ASM3.7, with SR1.5.1 we have ASM3.9 and the patch will not apply.


We need SR1.5.1 as that is the version that has passed VMware certification testing for vSphere, these servers don't get the chance to reboot very oftern so I'd prefer to upgrade to SWSM 5.2.1 while I have the chance,


Is there an upgraded version of the patch?