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Amber Health Light on MSA 60 after firmware upgrade

Martin Broaders
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Amber Health Light on MSA 60 after firmware upgrade

We replaced the I/O Module on an MSA 60 with one that has the latest firmware release 2.18 on it. We replaced the module as we were unable to upgrade directly from version 1.4. After replacing the module we ran firmware cd 8.6 and applied all updates. After rebooting both the msa and the server we got an amber health light on the msa. On boot up of the server we get a message saying that the enclosure requires a firmware update.
We ran the firmware cd again but everything appears to be up to date. I ran the Array Diagnostic Utilities and i can see a critical error saying Psoc Out Of Revision but i cannot find any reference to this error on the hp site. I'm not sure if something obvious is being missed.
There are no errors being written to the IML and the event log just says that there was an error during post.

I have attached the ADU log to this.
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Re: Amber Health Light on MSA 60 after firmware upgrade



The RAID controller firmware update does not resolve the problem.


I am having the same issue with a MDS-600 where I had to replace the I/O modules.


How do I clear this error?


Did the original posting person ever resolve the problem?


Tim Neto

Global Relay Communications Inc.