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Are SFPs generic?

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Are SFPs generic?

Hi All,


Been out of technical for a while, but I was wondering if SFPs were generic, ie. would a 4GB SFP from an HP Brocade switch fit into an 8GB HP Qlogic switch?

Reason behind this being that the HP P2000 SAN Bundle ships with SFPs, but none for the cards that it ships with. Our plan is to take 2 x 4GB modules from decommed Brocade switches and put them into the Qlogic switches shipped with the bundle.

TO my mind, this would be possible, but need confirmation...




Thomas Martin
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Re: Are SFPs generic?

Hello Craig,


I think you have the following Starter Kit:

HP P2000 G3 FC MSA Dual Controller Small Business SAN Starter Kit AP847B


This kit has 12 SFPs inside the bundle. You need 4 SFPs for the P2000 (2 for each FC-Switch), 4 SFPs are for the FC Cards and you need the last 4 to connect the Cards to the Switch.


Older 4G SFPs are not supported in the 8G FC Switches. You need the following SFP AJ715A. This might be working in the cards. This SFP is not supported in the SN6000 Switch.



Mike Texter
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Re: Are SFPs generic?

I'm curious about this too, is it that the 4GB SFP won't work at all in an 8GB switch, or that it would work but just run at 4GBPS? I can't remember if i've ever put a 2GB SFP into a 4GB switch or a 4 into an 8, just for the sake of discovering this.
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