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B-Series 8/8 (AM866A): No Firmware 6.3x available

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B-Series 8/8 (AM866A): No Firmware 6.3x available

Moin! :)


We bought a used AM866A SAN-Switch (HP B-Series 8/8). I've tried to Update the firmware on the switch (v6.2.2f9 was successfully applied) , but when I try to download the v6.4.3g firmware image on the switch I've received an error:


FC-Switch2:admin> firmwaredownload
Server Name or IP Address:
User Name:  xxxxxxxx
File Name: v643g
Network Protocol(1-auto-select, 2-FTP, 3-SCP, 4-SFTP) [1]: 2
Server IP:, Protocol IPv4
Checking system settings for firmwaredownload...

The following item(s) need to be addressed before downloading the specified firmware:
Cannot upgrade directly to 6.4. Please upgrade to 6.3 first and then upgrade to 6.4.

Firmwaredownload failed.


I can't download 6.3x from the product support site...any ideas?


Additional info:


FC-Switch2:admin> version
Fabric OS:  v6.2.2f9
Made on:    Wed Oct 8 21:20:36 2014
Flash:      Thu Jun 11 17:04:36 2015
BootProm:   1.0.6


FC-Switch2:admin> firmwareshow
Appl     Primary/Secondary Versions
FOS      v6.2.2f9


Thanks in advance and best regards

Mr. T

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Re: B-Series 8/8 (AM866A): No Firmware 6.3x available

You have to go to 6.3, than to 6.4.


But 6.3 is no logner Supported, so there is no "normal" Download.


But Look here:


and this points you to



That was not planned in this way.