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BL460c G7 does not "see" EVA 8000

Scott Martin_7
Occasional Contributor

BL460c G7 does not "see" EVA 8000

Does anyone know if there are any known issues with a BL460c G7 connecting to an EVA8000? We can't see the vdisk that we created on our EVA 8000, we also do not see the entries in Device Manager under Disk Drives- HP xxxx Multi-path disk device which would indicate that the server sees the EVA connections. We have tried reinstalling the mpio & storport drivers, there was no change.


This is a new server/OS install, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, 64-bit

PSP v 8.70

storport driver (250007_FCoE_x64_cp015852) ,

mpio driver (v4.01.00a)

Aliases, zones, etc set up on fabric switches

Host has been created in Command View, vdisk has been created & presented.






Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: BL460c G7 does not "see" EVA 8000

If the EVA can see the blade then it should show up in the list automagically in Command View.

What kind of HBA do you have? An FCoE one? They should have tools to help you diagnose them (Qlogic SANSurfer for example).
Confirm in the switches that you have connectivity.
Check interconnect modules in the c-class.
Check onboard administrator (port mapping etc).
Scott Martin_7
Occasional Contributor

Re: BL460c G7 does not "see" EVA 8000

Thanks for the reply. We actually resolved the issue last night. Turns out, the slot we had this blade in is having an issue with either the interconnect or possibly the midplane of the enclosure. We moved this blade to a different slot, and everything works as expected now.