Backup storage

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Backup storage



I want to install a storage server for automatic backups in my business.
I am preparing a BTS and I need your advice to help me find the right solution.


The IT park has about 45 remote computer on VPN
Each computer will have a backup of about 3GB
The backup will Weekly

I also plan to 1TB of storage for various documents


Could you give me your opinion on the best solution?


Re: Backup storage

Hi  @Ophiucus  


Thanks for your post. HP offers a range of storage options suited to various needs. It sounds like you are most concerned with document retention / backup as opposed to file serving, right?


To check out the full range of options, you should have a look at the HP Storage overview. Or check out the range of products built specifically for backup, recovery and archiving.


For a truly robust enterprise solution, your best option will be the HP Storeonce Backup - there are various models which differ based on capacity, form factor and features (and price).  


You don't mention budget, but if you are on the lower end, you may also want toinvestigate HP's StoreEasy line, scaled for SMB. You can check out pricing directly in the online storefront.


Let me know if this helps - happy to connect you with a specialist who can go a lot deeper than me! I'll send you a PM with more detail.



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