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Basic Config MSA1000

Steve Koven
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Basic Config MSA1000

Hello my company has just purchased (2) complete MSA1000 systems with dual controllers and dual 2/8 San Switches. I will be responsible for configuring 4 Clusters (2 for each SAN) using MSCS next week. I am trying to gather as much configuration info and best practice guildelines before heading out for the install but I haven't turned up much yet. Any links, advice, or documents would be extremely helpful at this point.


Uwe Zessin
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Re: Basic Config MSA1000

a lot of information should already come with the MSA1000 on CD-ROM, but for most recent information I suggest to take a look at the product pages:

If you like more advice, I suggest that you make a plan what to do and what the system should look like from your point of view, else there is a risk that you get overwhelmed with confusing hints that don't apply to your situation. Put it right here in this thread as attachments - there are many nice people here who love to help.
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Re: Basic Config MSA1000

I agree with UWE... Come up with a installtion plan and post it into the thread. There are a lot of individual out here who would be more than happy to look at your post and make suggestions.

Only thing I would mention based on your post is to make sure that your company purchased secure path to go with these redundant MSA1000 configs. The MSA1000s come with a lot if helpful installation information and there is also a installation guide that you can refer to for the secure path portion of your installation.

I would suggest that you review all the material your recieve with the MSA1000 before attempting the install. Its better to be familiar with the product when doing the installation.

Plus in getting familiar with the MSA you will probably come up with a bunch of questions that you can put on the forum that we can answer for you.