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Best RAID Setup for MSA 2050

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Best RAID Setup for MSA 2050

Hi everyone,

We need suggestion about RAID on MSA 2050

currently we have 8 SAS x 900GB and we setup it as follow:

7 SAS as RAID 5 and 1 SAS as Global Spare.

is it safety? Some said RAID 5 was very risky.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Kinkin Gunta

Re: Best RAID Setup for MSA 2050


RAID you need to configure based on your requirement and capacity to afford this. 

MSA2050 supports RAID 1, 5, 6 and 10

Now RAID 1 and 5  VDG both can sustain upto one drive failure. In case of RAID 6 and 10 VDG it can sustain upto 2 drive fail.

I am not discussing all pros & cons for different RAID levels as that will be different topics.

Here you need to choose RAID for VDG based on your business requirement and you need to check you need more space or you need more redundancy. RAID 1 and 5 will be less redundant compare to RAID 6 and 10


Hope this helps!

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