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Blade Server using SAN-VC not seeing luns

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Blade Server using SAN-VC not seeing luns

Has anyone seen an issue with the SAN-VC switches in the C-class using Cisco IOS 3.01 where the blade servers are logging into the fabric but not able to serve up storage? I have other blade servers that work fine, even in the same enclosure. But for some reason, it looks like I've hit some sort of limit on the production fabric. I have two sets of fabric, an MDS9509 and MDS9216i with an ISL between and another MDS9509 and MDS9216i with an ISL. All have IOS 3.01 with NPIV enabled on the MDS9216i's. All the enclosures are plugged into blade 1 ports and I'm using two ports from each fabric for the SAN-VC's. The SAN-VC's are running firmware 1.16/1.02. I have an EVA5000 that doesn't see the wwn show up, nor can I manually add the wnn and serve up the storage to the effect that the blade server sees it. The blade profiles are auto created using HP's predef set. Each enclosure has a unique set. The Qlogic mezz cards have firmware 1.26 so they can use the VC assigned wwn's. So, I can see the blades login to the fabric, but for some crazy reason it doesn't see the storage. If I put the same blades and/or enclosures in the lab, on a Cisco 9120 with the same IOS, all works fine.

Thanks for any info anyone can share.