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Booting DL320-G1 from SAN with a Qlogic 2340 HBA

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Booting DL320-G1 from SAN with a Qlogic 2340 HBA

I am attempting to boot several DL320-G1 servers using the Qlogic 2340 HBA. Initially, the server would hang at the BIOS installed portion of the HBA.

I found a utility at the link below, titled "Configuring Certain PCI Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters As The Primary Boot Controller In ProLiant Servers"

I loaded the utility on one server, and now I can see the PCI device (HBA) in the "change boot order" menu of the ROM based utility. The HBA shows up at Cntlr 3, order 3. I cannot change it to order 1. I have disabled the onboard ATA drive, and it still is order 1. Now when I reboot the server, it goes through the Qlogic BIOS, sees storage and a LUN, but sends the server directly into the ROM based utilty to the boot order.

The image I am using boots fine from a DL320-G2 with the same model of Qlogic HBA, 2340.

Please help.