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Booting from MSA1000 with LUN choice

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Davide Depaoli_3
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Booting from MSA1000 with LUN choice

I have a customer that wants the following implementation (see the attached network scheme):

- all servers must to boot from MSA1000 (O.S. will be Windows or Linux)
- MSA1000 has 3 (or more) LUNs with different filesystem / application configuration.
- all servers, at boot, must be stopped with a boot menu', where the operator will be able to choose the desired LUN from which the server will have to boot.

the key points are:
- I need to configure O.S. so that will show the boot menu'
- I need to present all LUNs to all servers

This environment will works ?
Are there any weak point ?

thanks in advance
kind regards
Steven Clementi
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Re: Booting from MSA1000 with LUN choice


I do not see why you could not do this. There are some things to be careful of obviously in this type of environment, but you should be able to boot from one of 3 or more devices.

If you going to use both Windows and Linux, I would suggest using the GRUB boot loader(from Linux) installed on a seperate LUN accessable by all servers during the boot process.

Keep in mind that you can NOT access all the luns at the same time and you should only boot one server at a time.

If your just going to use Windows, I would suggest a 3rd party boot loader.

Steven Clementi
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Re: Booting from MSA1000 with LUN choice

Hello expertise

I have a customer they wants to boot from MSA1510i or DL380 (NAS) (OS will be Windows or Linux) through iSCSI protocol.

- all servers must boot from iSCSI storage (OS will be windows or Linux)

May I know does the Windows or Linux support boot from iSCSI storage ?

If yes, may I know which HP Storage array is support both Windows & Linux ?

Are there any weak point ?

Thanks a lot

Davide Depaoli_3
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Re: Booting from MSA1000 with LUN choice

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