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Brocade Switch Fill Word Configuration and er_bad_os errors

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Brocade Switch Fill Word Configuration and er_bad_os errors

We are receiving a ton of er_bad_os errors (millions in a matter of days) on all ports connected to our EVA p6300. I can't seem to pry any information out of HP support on what port settings are appropriate when using brocade switches (bc I didnt buy the switches from them). I suspect the problem is in the Fill Word configuration. Any advice would be appreciated


Here's how they are configured (I believe everything is brocade default)


PHL-FCSW-01:admin> portcfgshow 17
Area Number: 17
Speed Level: 8G
Fill Word(On Active) 0(Idle-Idle)
Fill Word(Current) 0(Idle-Idle)
AL_PA Offset 13: OFF
Trunk Port ON
Long Distance OFF
VC Link Init OFF
Locked L_Port OFF
Locked G_Port OFF
Disabled E_Port OFF
Locked E_Port OFF
RSCN Suppressed OFF
Persistent Disable OFF
LOS TOV enable OFF
NPIV capability ON
Port Auto Disable: OFF

Rate Limit OFF
Mirror Port OFF
Credit Recovery ON
F_Port Buffers OFF
Fault Delay: 0(R_A_TOV)
NPIV PP Limit: 126
D-Port mode: OFF

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Re: Brocade Switch Fill Word Configuration and er_bad_os errors



if you have an 8G port in an 8G switch you probably need to set a portcfgfillword. Perhaps set for one port, wait a while and see if the encounter stops increasing (rapidly).


Have you tried setting 3?


"For most environments, Brocade recommends using Mode 3, as it provides more flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of devices."