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Brocade switch connectivity

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Tim Chilton
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Brocade switch connectivity

Here's the situation: We have our first c-class chassis installed and are using Cisco LAN switches and Brocade fiber switches for SAN connectivity. Since the Brocade switches have no RJ-45 connectors, I'm assuming that connectivity to the LAN for switch management is accomplished across the backplane.

In the past, we have put our p-Class iLOs on one VLAN and our Brocade switches on a separate VLAN. We're putting the new c-Class on-board administrator in our iLO vlan. I need to know which ports on the Cisco switch need to be enabled in order for us to put the Brocade on our fiber switch VLAN or if this is even possible.
kjetil Lund-Paulsen
New Member

Re: Brocade switch connectivity

On C-Class it is not supported to LAN connect SANs pass the active OA..
You can connect to it on the COM.

I have a issue to day on firmwareupgrad my Brocades 4/12 from v5.0.5 to v5.3.0c

Any tips?