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Buying advice: 802.1x switch

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Buying advice: 802.1x switch


I am currently looking for a simple 24 port switch supporting 802.1x.
Well, that´s no problem so far. Many Netgear products support it. But there´s another feature I need.

Normally, after being authenticated with 802.1x the port is opened for traffic.
There´s the problem. I want to have a kind of "per user" opened port.


100 users -------->mini switches -------------> on one port of the 24 port switch with 802.1x

So, each users has to be authenticated before it gets access to the lan.
Usually one users authenticates and then the port is also open for the rest of the 99 users. This is something I don´t want.

So, which HP (24 gigabit TP port) switch does support this?
I already looked at the 2610 series. But it only support up to 2 different users per port???
The 3500yl is simply to expensive. I don´t need the rest of the features, either

thanks in advance