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CIMUSER Accounts

Andrew O'Hara
Occasional Contributor

CIMUSER Accounts

I am getting unknown username or password failed audits caused by communication between Command View EVA and SMI-S EVA.
Authentication failures are against "administrator" user which does not exist on server.

CVEVA installation guide says "The CIM administrator account is created during SMI-S EVA installation if an account named administrator exists on the management server in either the administrator or HP Storage Admins group... If you do not have a local user named administrator in either the administrator or HP Storage Admins group, you must create at least one CIM administrator account using the cimuser utility as described in Creating users with the cimuser utility. The user name of the CIM administrator account you create must match that of an existing user in either the administrator or HP Storage Admins group, but the password can be different."

I have created the required CIMUSER but CMEVA is still trying to logon with administrator. An account called administrator DID exist when CMEVA suite was installed but has since been renamed due to security standards in my organization.
There doesn't seem to be anywhere that you can specify what account to use for authentication between CMEVA and SMI-S EVA.
What options do I have to get this working?