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CLX Install on W2K3 Cluster - Config Issue

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CLX Install on W2K3 Cluster - Config Issue


I’m presently testing implementing CLX on an Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Cluster.

I’m getting the following error when I attempt to create the first “Cluster Extension EVA” resource.

ERROR: CLX EVA was not able to get the HPEVA_ConsistencySet object paths for this DR group. CLX EVA will not be able to failover the DR group without the HPEVA_ConsistencySet object paths.
Please make sure that the active Storage Management Appliance (SMA) is on the network and is accessible from this host. Also check that the DR group includes the full path name. The DR group name is case sensitive.

I’m fairly confident that the SMA is accessible, as if I use an incorrect password; I get an access denied error message immediately instead of the one above after a timeout.

I’m presently thinking that I’m getting the DR Group entry wrong as I get the same message even if I leave the entry value blank, however I’ve been unable to determine how to find the full path name of the DR Group I have created for testing.

My DR Group is “DR Group 001” and is in the default “Data Replication” container.

I’ve tried:
“\DR Group 001”
“\Data Replication\DR Group 001”
“\\Data Replication\DR Group 001”

Can anyone advise if I’m on the right track, and if so, How do I determine the full path of the DR Group?

Also, I read in an older post that said the required versions of CV and the EVA firmware for CLX were somewhat older than the ones I’m using presently. Can anyone point me in the direction of the current requirements for CLX as if the below isn’t supported, I’ll stop trying to make it work.

EVA Firmware 6.200
Switches v6.1.0c
Command View 8.0.01
Replication Solutions Manager

We were advised to upgrade to this level in preparation for CV8.02 next month which is supposed to have support for CLX on Windows Server 2008 which were desperately waiting for.

Thanks for any assistance in advance,

Jas :)
Colin Harvey
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Re: CLX Install on W2K3 Cluster - Config Issue

CommandView 8.0.1 version of SMI-S is not supported with CLX 1.01.


Colin Harvey
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Re: CLX Install on W2K3 Cluster - Config Issue

I appologise it is now supported as long as you upgrade to cv 8.02 see:-

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Re: CLX Install on W2K3 Cluster - Config Issue

Jas.... Did you get any further with this? I have the exact same issue.