David Devlin


When booting any of my servers, it takes upto 15 mins and when the server has fully booted the event log is filled with event id: 15, the device, \device\scsi\cpqkgpsa1, is not ready for access yet. My servers all boot from the san!! Any ideas??
Eugeny Brychkov
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Did it work before? If not, then looks like configuration problem (driver, its setting, SAN settings, storage device settings), if yes, then something got changed or faulty.
Did you change anything recently? Upgraded? Reinstalled? Reconnected?
David Devlin


No changes, no servicepacks nothing.
I have rebooted a couple of servers now with the same errors. These errors only appear in the log during the boot duration.
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If the server does not claim the Hardware after rebooting it then try to install the pesudo drivers again.
I am assuming it as a HP-UX server
Steps :
1.Try with ioscan command it will display the device is NOT_CLAIMED & NO_HW.
2.Install the pesudo drivers (insf -e)
3.Try again with ioscan command the Hardware is claimed or not.

Thanks & Regds,
Taranisen Mohanta
David Devlin


No sorry, I'm running win2k adv server sp2 on all hardware.
kris rombauts
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Hi David,

just some idea's as to where you could also look at :

- what is in between the servers and the
storage they boot from ? Did anything
changed at the FC switch level f/w or switch
config, zoning etc.

- any new devices added recently on the SAN ?

- any changes on the disk array settings or
config , LUNs added, removed etc etc ?

- if these are Brocade switches you have,what
do you see happening while the server tries
to boot (check via telnet session into the
switch and monitor), does that port do
multiple FLOGI etc etc.
Does the port gets properly logged in and is
it seen as a F-port right away when it
initializes at boot ?

- i have seen similar issues (but with local
SCSI disk to boot from and fibre card
connected to disk array for additional LUNs)
where it takes 15 min. for the FC driver to
time out and the server then continues to
boot W2K after that (Event log filled with
id=15 also). The FCcard/driver could not
see LUN0 on the disk array in that case.
This is not always a requirement anymore but
it used to be in the older days and depends
on the card's capability/settings and OS

- if you enter the firmware config menu of the
Emulex card at bootup, can you properly see
the LUNs you need access to from that card?
i.e. LUN0 and the other LUNs where the copy
of the OS is on.

- no changes occurred to LUN security (LUN
masking, selective LUN presentation or
whatever name is used by the array vendor)

- do you have one or two fiber cards ?
If you have two, what happens if you
disconnect one fibre link and boot ?


David Devlin


I have tried most of the above and none of it applies. Do you think it could be down to not having static port mapping on the san switch? If so how do I set the switch to static port mapping, it is a san switch 1/16 (brocade).