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Cache battery replacement on EVA 4000

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Cache battery replacement on EVA 4000

Hi All,


our IT manager asks us to replace the cache batteries for an EVA 4000 system which is in production.

The batteries are not showing any failures however, due to a preventive maintenance routine we need to replace them with 2 new ones. After checking the battery replacement instructions, it is mentioned the following:

"CAUTION: When running XCS v5.030, v5.031, v5.100, or v5.110 it is necessary to shutdown the controller when replacing a battery. Contact the HP-authorized service representative for assistance when replacing a cache battery on these versions of XCS. This is not necessary in XCS v6.000 and later."

what is XCS and how could we know whcih version do we have? and in our case (the 2 batteries not presenting any failure) can we replace them and what is the best way to do so?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Cache battery replacement on EVA 4000

XCS is the firmware of the EVA. You see this in commandview, if you select the EVA (middle of the screen).


Usually there is no need to replace a healthy battery.



Hope this helps!

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Re: Cache battery replacement on EVA 4000

Hey, if you go ahead with the replacement, have a peak inside the controller to see if there is any corrosion/discoloring on the battery connector. Also check this on the batteries you take out. If there's any you may want to consider replacing the controller too.